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V. E. P. S.

Virtual Estate Planning System

Expand your practice to include estate planning packages via your website. Our fully automated system allows you to increase your offerings.

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Welcome to Turnkey Estate Planning where Estate Planning Professionals have access to the most affordable Estate Planning Software on the market.

Our estate planning solution provides you with a completely automated turnkey website that allows your clients to answer dynamic state specific interview questions and receive their prepared documents all in the Cloud.

Our Virtual Estate Planning System (VEPS) is the most cost effective and complete system offered on the Internet. Other document assembly software is not state specific or they do not offer all states and cost a minimum of $170.00 per month and charge for additional supporting documents. They also do not include a website for your practice, Content Management System or administrative functions.

Turnkey Estate Planning starts with a website for your business including the state specific interview process complete with a checkout solution for credit cards and an administration system to manage your clients, your website and your practice. At $50.00 per month with no hidden fees or per document charges, Turnkey Estate Planning is the most cost effective full service Estate Planning system.

You receive all web pages necessary for your practice to have a full Internet presence including the following features.
  • All Base Pages including Home, About, Contact, Benefits, FAQs, Get Started, Compare and Pricing;
  • Legal Pages including Terms of Use, Privacy Statement, and Disclaimers;
  • Dynamic Interview for trusts and wills including all supporting documents;
  • Membership Pages including Login, Recover Password, Profile Updating, and Document Retrieval;
  • Purchasing System including checkout using any gateway for all major credit cards, and other products and services purchasing.
  • CMS Content Management System that gives you the ability to update your web pages, manage your clients and much more...

Learn more about the features of our Turnkey Estate Planning Solution, Virtual Estate Planning System (VEPS). Review the full details about our services included in our Virtual Estate Planning System (VEPS). Compare our features, services and inclusions to our competitors. See why more Attorneys and Document Professionals choose VEPS over our competitors incomplete or costly services.